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May 4, 2021

To start selling online there are some big decisions to be made and it can be complex and time consuming.  BUT. Occasionally desperate times calls for some fast action.

If you are in that situation then here is a guide to help you, a quick and dirty guide to start selling online and fast.   Whether you are pivoting to something new or are looking to get another income from a hobby or a side hustle then this guide is for you.

Most common challenges

The two main concerns I get asked about the most is how to do it cheaply and easily.   So in this guide I cover both of these issues as simply and quickly as I can.  Providing a couple of solutions so as not to overwhelm anyone who is new to e-commerce.

To keep your shop easy – I believe it isn’t just about the website side of things it is about the logistics.  This guide takes the approach that you will need to fit in running an online shop around your other work and your general life.

I am passionate about helping people run their business more smoothly and efficiently.  I like spending the time learning and doing things so you don’t have to.  This how to sell online guide includes: